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Envirotex Recycling is a professional clothing collector, recycler and exporter. Our business helps to divert clothing from landfills and provide a supply for local communities and developing nations. Our textile recycling program is easy, free and accessible to municipalities, residents, for-profit and not-for profit organizations. 

Useful recyclable clothing is often discarded because it is no longer fashionable or the right size. These articles may have little wear and tear when they are thrown out. Such items would be welcomed by others here in Canada and in developing nations where goods of such quality are too expensive or unavailable. 

Envirotex has established a working relationship with partners and suppliers to develop and expand their textile recycling programs. We offer municipalities, residents, organizations and businesses a program that is both simple and rewarding. 

Corporate Message

Envirotex Recycling Inc. has a vision that goes beyond the scope of recycled textiles as “second wear”. Rather our team understands the need for creating sustainable solutions for the textile industry. Thus, Envirotex continue to evolve and shape its programs by providing equal opportunity and access for communities. Our wide array of partners aids in the success of textile diversion from its landfills. 

Making a great place requires a strong commitment to new ideas and rethinking how municipal infrastructure can better serve the community. It involves the development of integrated infrastructure and programs to improve liveability and the quality of life for all residents. Nowhere is the need for sustainable infrastructure more apparent than in waste management. 

Our approach presents a clear vison how Municipalities and Residents can increase diversion of textiles, in a way that is socially, environmentally and financially responsible. We look forward to a rewarding partnership. 

Yours sincerely,

Shneur Herman


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